Woman is on vacation when a tiny puppy comes out of nowhere.

woman rescues tiny puppy

Have you ever met an unexpected guest before? You go on vacation to unplug, only to meet a guest in urgent need of help. Below is a touching story of a young lady:

Vacations with a partner or loved ones are fun. Your nerve-wracking job is left behind. It is always a wonderful experience. Relaxing, enjoying a glass of margaritas and the calming sea breeze.

A young lady went on vacation in Fiji. She was with her boyfriend, enjoying the moment. Meghan wasn’t expecting any visitors. What she saw melted her heart, overwhelming her with the coldness of sadness.

 tiny puppy

A scrawny puppy, out of the middle of nowhere, wobbled into Meghan’s sight. She was terrified! The little dog had lost its mane and had light brown patches on its forelimbs.

It was obvious that the puppy was homeless. The poor dog would have walked a long distance, lonely and hungry. Meghan acted swiftly! Delays could cost the puppy its life.

She delivered the puppy to a foster home within a very short time. It received necessary nourishments; the dog healed quickly. What was once a sick-wobbly puppy was now an adorable healthy canine.

For the next three months, she ensured the dog received the best care. She had plans, not vacation plans, though. A plan to touch down Fiji, Australia, and Fiji with her adopted and super cute puppy.