Tiny rescue mink playing with toys in his swimming pool

Nico was a Mink that had escaped from a fur farm in Utah and was picked up by a good Samaritan before he found his forever home with Megan. Whenever the Mink woke up, he would jump straight into the pool.

He had a bunch of diving toys and loved fishing them out of his swimming pool. That was one thing that these furry creatures never experienced at the fur farm. These innocent beings needed to play in the water.

A Mink in the wild would spend nearly half of his life swimming. They were like mini otters. It amazed Megan how much Nico loved to see Megan’s reactions and tried to engage her in his play.

He always waited for her. When she returned home from work, he knew the sound of Megan’s car, so he would wait for her to say “hi” and play with her. Minks were basically domesticated and were raised on fur farms.

A lot of people mistake them for ferrets because they are so friendly. Megan slowly spent time with him and got closer to the adorable Mink. She would just sit and talk to him, and gradually, they bonded.

Nico had now become super friendly. Since Nico loved the water so much, Megan took him to an actual river and wanted to find out how he felt about being there. Of course, the little animal really liked going to the river.

Nico explored the shore and played in the shallow areas. He never went deep as it was really too much for him. However, he enjoyed the experience of going to the river. Nico was staying with Megan for life forever as he was her best friend.

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Tiny rescue mink playing with toys in his swimming pool