Tiny toddler climbs into the dog’s bed! What the dog does next? You’ll be grinning from ear to ear!

Even though pets and babies can form lasting bonds, there’s always a concern since animals are unpredictable. Even the nicest-seeming dog can snap at something. Add a territorial streak and things can change rapidly. That’s why I held my breath at first when I saw this video of a baby trying to climb into a Rhodesian Ridgeback’s bed. While not as big as, say, a Great Dane or an Irish Wolfhound, this dog still dwarfs the baby. Heck, its whole head is larger. So when it first seemed like, “Um, excuse me? What are you doing?”, one might have thought to move the baby.

Then the coolest thing happened – the dog went to his bed and pulled out its blanket to give the little one more room to climb in. One could almost see it thinking, “Mi Casa Es Su Casa!” It was more than willing to give up his own bed for the comfort of this baby. Hopefully, the baby didn’t find any dog treats in there, since that wouldn’t be an ideal culinary experience for a person likely still on a formula diet. Then things could get messy in more ways than one.

Animals tend to see babies and toddlers as just larger versions of their own puppies. This Ridgeback was probably just treating this baby like it was its own. It can show us how to treat our own children, with love and respect. Over the years, as the baby gets older, he can look at this video see the love in the dog’s eyes. Maybe he can then impart that on his dog or any subsequent pets that he has. Then as he grows older himself and has children of his own, he can get a dog of his own to see that connection in action with them.

I’ve got tell you – seeing this bond in action left a lump in my throat. Watch the video and tell us what kind of reaction it stirred up in you. We want to hear from you!