Tired Baby Donkey Forgets To Do Something Important Before She Takes A Nap

Sometimes we get so tired, we end up sleeping in some very weird positions that we regret when we wake up. But this little donkey takes sleeping to a whole new level in a position that I don’t think any human could ever master. You are going to be in stitches when you see what she did! Petunia is only 12 hours old in this clip, but already she’s had a tiring day and needs a nap. After all, it’s hard work being born! The poor thing doesn’t even have time to lie down on the ground before sleep consumes her.

Petunia and her mom belong to Midnight Rose Farm in Thompson, Ohio. Petunia’s mom was a rescue, and as you can see in the video, she is now happy and healthy and a mother of an adorable baby donkey. Donkeys are just like other baby animals and need a lot of sleep when they are very young, and clearly Petunia aims to catch up on some missed Z’s in her first 12 hours on Earth. She is so ready to sleep that she forgets to do one important thing. She forgets to lay down! Her owner is filming the entire thing, and we see Petunia nearly fall over at one point while her mom watches the camera. Mom is just as cute as baby and is quite curious about the camera, not letting Petunia steal the limelight.

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