Tired Lioness Crushes Her Tiny Cub In A Giant Hug When He Disturbs Her From A Deep Sleep

Parents have the hardest job in the world. It is not very easy to look after a raucous kid, is it? Their kids are probably one of the reasons they are so tired all the time and need to take more naps than the kids! And as it turns out, this is true for animals, especially lions, as well as humans! Any time the parents are free, they try to get some rest while someone else looks after the kids – or cubs – for a while. Just take a look at this video of this tired lioness trying to catch some z’s.

This video shows us an adorable moment between a lioness and her little baby. Amber Eyes was sleeping peacefully in the grass when her cub approached her. Now we all know to let sleeping dogs lie, but I would think the same would apply to a lion, but this cheeky little cub didn’t care. He wanted some attention.

This little guy was bored and tired of watching mom sleep, so he started pawing her and he ended up waking her up from her nap. Most of us would probably get angry if someone woke us up from a deep sleep, but not Amber Eyes. Instead of punishing him for ruining her sleep, she gives him a huge hug and holds on tight! Their interaction will surely melt your heart!

After getting a big hug from mom, he took that as a good sign and started trying to play with her, but once she actually woke up, he seemed to lose interest and walked away! Isn’t that how it always is?

Check out the video below! Isn’t that adorable? Let us know what you thought about Amber Eyes’ big hug for her little one in the comments!

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