“Tired” mom gets a makeover… and man, she looks pretty!

Marion, a 57-year-old grandmother, was tired of the same old look. She decided to make an appointment to try and gain her confidence back, and she got what she asked for.

After a summer spent at home, grandma Marion from Georgia (57) was ready for a change. She didn’t know what to do with her hair and was feeling pretty crappy in general.

Her hair was either too curly or too flat, and she never knew what to do with it, opting for sweatpants and baseball caps when it was time to go anywhere.

That is until she made an appointment with Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy of Minneapolis. Her only condition was that she didn’t want her hair dyed red, because she didn’t like it.

The result was absolutely stunning. Her shoulder-length curly brown hair became a short blonde up-do with gentle waves and stunning volume. With a perfect makeup application and a new outfit for the occasion, Marion was looking at least 20 years younger!

But it was her husband’s reaction that really made this makeover the best. “They improved on perfection,” he says as he walks into the room, completely floored. He loves it, but he admits that he’d love her no matter what they did!

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