Tired mom said it was just a normal day, but daughter told dad the real story

A day in the life of a full-time mom is not exactly restful. The house has to be kept in some semblance of order (or at least controlled chaos), there are always errands to be run, kitchen disasters happen, kids have mood swings, fight, get into trouble and break things. That moms don’t go completely insane is testament to their inner strength.

The video posted below starts out with dad coming home and asking mom how her day was. There’s a flashback where she remembers just a few of the things she had to take care of. One of their two daughters had to be rescued from a monster under the bed. Then there was a little tussle between the girls that had to be broken up. Next, two uncooperative youngsters had to be strapped into car seats for a trip to the grocery store. As always, the baby grabs fruit and knocks things off shelves. The day would not be complete without a mishap in the kitchen: the older daughter is carrying a cake and inevitably… “Uh, oh.” The flashback ends and, looking tired and shaking her head, she tells her husband, “It was just a normal day.”

A short time later, dad is asking his older daughter about her day. He hears about how mom snuggled with her when she was scared. As for that fight with her sister, mom helped them make up: “I love my baby sister so much!” She recalls how mommy gave them kisses and took them for a fun ride. And then there was the “food fight” in the kitchen. All in all: “Best day ever!” The whole time, mom was standing in the doorway listening to her daughter describe their day, nearly moved to tears.

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