Tired Mommy Lines Up Her Wiggly Quadruplets. Pay Attention To The One On The Far Left!

We’ve all heard that popular saying that “Children are a blessing” and we very much agree with it. We love our kids and we do feel like they are a blessing to us and they truly do better our lives. That being said, while they are blessings and we are better simply by having them in our lives, they are exhausting.

For us parents out there that pretty much sums up how we feel, exhausted. From the minute they’re born they are the most important person in our lives and we would do anything for them. That doesn’t mean that they don’t drive us crazy and make us more tired than we’ve ever been before.

This featured video shows a mom who knows that the struggle is real when it comes to her children. This busy mama has four babies, all the same age and they are definitely giving her a run for her money!

Getting dressed in this household is no simple task, it is a chore that must be conquered! While trying to get her children dressed this mommy has to stay on her toes because one is always trying to get away from her. You’re going to find yourself cheering for this mom while she desperately tries to keep them all on the blanket. You will find yourself laughing but a little tuckered out after watching this video, we promise you’ll love it.

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