Tired Pig Falls Asleep. Only To Be Awoken By The Most Delicious Aroma, Wafting In The Air.

Pigs have always had kind of a weird image. Not the way they actually look, but how they are viewed or perceived. Before, pigs were regarded as a filthy, messy gluttonous animal. Yet, over time we’ve realized how truly wrong that is. While they may lay in mud, that’s only to cool themselves off. It’s the temperatures that they are more attracted to. It’s not the actual by product. Hopefully most have moved on from that way of thinking so we can start making some advancements instead of moving backwards.

This piggy went to bed, because the market was closed and he’s exhausted. Lucky enough to have his own bed. How many people can say that? That their pig has his own bed. I’m not a gambling man, but I’d wager not many. Covered in a colorful blanket this pig sings the songs of “Zzz…”His snout sticks out just slightly from the blanket as he dreams of…whatever pigs dream about.

Yet when dad decides to introduce a treat for the piggy, It seems that the way to a males heart hasn’t changed. Still into the mouth and through the stomach. The pulsing snout seems to come alive after being in one of the stages of sleep. Suddenly- action, movement, pig is awake now. A cookie placed before him as he snorts and sniffs with great vigor and intensity. He tries to determine what the delectable morsel is, smelling the sweet chocolate chips. They seem to call the pigs name, as he slowly shimmy’s out from underneath his warm protective blanket. But when you see how he acts? I was absolutely beside myself.

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