To Put it Simply, BLACK CATS RULE! If You Agree With Me, Share This With Your Friends!

Black cat owners can attest to this, their cats love to play! For some inexplicable reason as this video will show, black cats love to have fun and play around. Just watch and be happy!

Wasn’t that great? I always liked black, so seeing Cole playing around, chasing feathers, running into boxes even being a tuna disposal can did the trick! Cole is probably the cutest cat ever! I love that guy. He gets older and bigger but he loves to play all the same!

Cole was adopted and as you can tell from the video, he is loving his new home! He was a super cute baby (and his meows are adorable!) and is a beautiful cat now! Do you have black cats? What are they like? Leave your comment below and don’t forget to share with your friends.

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