This Toddler Comes On Screen Walking With A Limp And I Felt Bad. When I Found Out Why? LOL!

As you know, little kids can do some of the funniest things. Because they’re not afraid of what people think of them yet, they just do what they want and sometimes those things are very funny.

But when this toddler does her “mama walk” you’ll absolutely die laughing!

As you check out this video, you’ll meet one darling toddler. She’s a cute 15-month-old girl who’s got a great personality and enough sass to go around.

The video shows the little girl giving her best impression of her pregnant mom. It’s ripe with comedic relief that can break any amount of tension in the room.

Because her mom is six months pregnant, her baby bump is starting to show. And that hasn’t gone unnoticed by this little toddler.

Watch the clip to see the little girl stick her stomach out to do the best impression of her pregnant mom’s walk.

This little girl is going to make a great big sister!

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