Toddler and Dog BOTH Want Mom’s Food, But When The Tiny Tyke Says THIS, I Lost It!

Trying to get your baby to say their first word can be very difficult. It can seem like you’re THAT close to getting them to do it. “Mama. Mama. Da-Da. Mama. Da-Da.” The sound of silence. “Mama. Mama.” Suddenly, they smile and their lips part as if they are going to say something. “BRPTHHHHH” OK. Now imagine that you’re doing this with some four-legged competition in the same room. That’s what happened in this video.

A mommy is sitting on her sofa with her little baby girl standing at the foot of it. She’s feeding her but as an incentive, she wants her to say “Mama” before she gives her a bite. There’s an Australian Shepherd sitting next to the baby and he wants that food badly too. You can see it in his eyes and the way he’s leaning forward. He starts making noises too while the mommy is trying to focus on the baby and get her to say what she wants. Then the dog, picking up on what the mommy wants, says, “Mama!”

Well, this cracks up Mommy and even the baby turns and pats him on the head to say, “Good Job!” The dog still doesn’t get the food, though. But it’s amazing that they can even vocalize some things that humans say. There have been other videos of pooches saying things like, “I love you…” Some dogs have even gone on talent shows to sing things. This would probably place in the top three on “America’s Funniest Videos.”

This doesn’t mean that this dog is suddenly going to learn conversational English. “Hey, do you have to go out for a walk?” “No, not right now, but please have the leash handy. Maybe in an hour!” But it’s an adorable moment, nonetheless. Definitely a moment to preserve on video for the baby to see when she gets older.

I wish I had a dog that could do that. Whenever I try to get my cats to talk, they just look at me like I have two heads and walk of. What do you think of this? Leave a comment below!

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