This Toddler Encourages Her Dog For A Huge Achievement. The Dog’s Reaction? So Funny!

If you’ve ever had young children living with you at home, you know that one of the most challenging parts of parenting is potty training. It’s important to reward the little ones every time they go to the bathroom the proper way, to make sure the training goes as smoothly as possible. It can be frustrating at times, but it’s something that has to be done, no matter what.

When kids finally get it right and see your excitement for it, they can recognize how well they did and feel proud of themselves. Some kids learn so easily with example and positive reinforcement, that they will try to repeat it with their toys or friends, or sometimes even their pets!

The following video shows us exactly this, and it’s both adorable and hilarious. A little girl has taken her teachings to another level. In the recording, you can see how she started training her own dog in potty training. Of course, the dog had to learn how to do it only on the yard, instead of the bathroom, and that meant that the little girl could encourage him right as he’s doing his business. Talk about commitment!

Watch this adorable kid and dog training video below!

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