Toddler goes crazy after finding a firetruck in front of home

When you talk about vehicles, babies have some of the weirdest preferences. You will find some babies who love to watch garbage trucks at work, and some love to watch fire trucks in action.

Recently, a toddler was caught waiting eagerly for a firetruck to show up near their home. The toddler went to one of their windows and eagerly looked outside for his favorite fire truck.

When the fire truck finally arrived, he ran inside excitedly, calling out to his father. He informed his family in a singsong manner that the firetruck had finally arrived in front of their home. His mother replied, “What?”

The child excitedly replied, “The fire truck is here,” in a singsong manner. When the mother asked the happy child where he saw the firetruck, he immediately replied, “On the street. Right here!” The child was very excited at the sight of the firetruck near his home.

The toddler kept on screaming in excitement about the arrival of the firetruck. The mother couldn’t stop laughing at her baby’s innocence. In excitement, the child also made a one-line song in his child’s language.

He showed his mother where the firetruck was from another window. His mother agreed that it was indeed a firetruck and that the child was correct. The father also began laughing at the toddler’s excitement.

His excitement subsided when the child saw that his parents had noticed his discovery. Although the mother sounded peaceful to calm down her kid, the father kept laughing at his child’s innocence.

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Toddler goes crazy after finding a firetruck in front of home