Toddler gives dad an important update while potty training


Kids have the tendency to make us laugh until we cry at times. A two-year-old boy did precisely but in an unusual setting. Matty became an overnight internet sensation after his comedic performance on the toilet.

More than 38 million saw the video of Matty conversing with his daddy, Matt DeVito while being potty trained. His mommy, Dani, filmed the whole incident and published it online to enjoy the rest of the world.

Potty training is not an easy task for parents and children alike. The couple from West Virginia had their 2-year-old lead them around the bush during potty training by saying he did a number one instead of a number two. ‘I didn’t’ poo, I peed’ were the words that shot Matty into amateur video stardom. The famous American singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson even contacted Dani about this cute video.


In the video, the super cute Matty is sporting a beautiful smile while jesting with his father. He continues to state with confidence that he didn’t poo but peed. At one point, his son’s comedic conversation becomes too much for the father, who is rendered speechless in the video.

The father confesses that it is too much for him, and tears of laughter start flowing down his cheeks. A concerned Matt immediately drops his smile and turns his attention to his daddy’s tears, which he perceives to be a sign of sadness.

On the brink of bursting into laughter again, Matt comforts his son again and assures him that his daddy is not sad and those tears are tears of laughter. It doesn’t take long for the hilarious to continue his comedic performance after feeling more assured.

A fan and follower named Prashant wrote online: ‘So Intelligent, not only doing funny things but also noticed his dad’s emotions.’ Another fan, Kev In, wrote: ‘That small guy is so hilarious and so thoughtful at the same time. He’s such a cutie.’ With almost 11,000 more comments like these and 137,000 subscribers to Matty’s YouTube channel, he indeed became one of the youngest celebrities ever. And all of that happened from the comfort of a toilet seat!

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