Toddler gets pat down by airport security, they take her sippy cup!

When little Mila Stauffer and her kin headed out from Arizona to Michigan, she had no idea what she would be in for when they got to the airport.

Navigating a set of five kids through the luggage counter was difficult enough. By the time they got to the security checkpoint, Mila had had enough.

When they got back home to Arizona after their trip, the two-year-old let fly about their experience with TSA personnel. Gazing into her mother’s smartphone cam, Mila makes clear that the endless lines, the dearth of restrooms and her brother’s security check were too much. Enough was enough!

Airports these days are difficult enough for grownups, but expecting young children to remain patient and composed is a bit much. The observant and opinionated Mila had clearly reached her breaking point—and we all know just how she feels.

She elaborates on the reasons why the security checkpoint was awful, and her mother stifles a laugh as she records her daughter. This is one spunky little girl who feels confident and comfortable speaking out.

Mila concludes by telling her mom that she’s all through with airport security and that “never again” will she be put through that type of humiliation. If only that were true, kid! We hope to hear more from her on her future travels and run-ins with the TSA. Her mother was smart to video her spiel and put it online for the world to enjoy. It’s now a viral Internet sensation.

Take a look at this tart toddler’s TSA tantrum by clicking the video below.

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Toddler gets pat down by airport security, they take her sippy cup!