A toddler mistakes a water heater for a robot. What she does next will melt your heart!

Little kids have a big imagination. They are capable of seeing the whole new world where others see routine. They see characters in a plot where we only see shadows. They can create a story out of nowhere where we would not even write a couple of lines. This is one of the reasons that seeing kids be kids, is something that melts our hearts. They kind of remind us of who we used to be, how we used to think, and what we have forgotten to do. Use our imagination, dream big and be optimistic.

Sometimes we see a child who walks up to a stranger and says hi. It all looks pretty normal, we don’t really think much about it. I will think things like “Oh, she is just being friendly” or “She is so polite.” I sometimes fail to realize that children have their own little set of rules and logic, and that greeting someone in a certain way often means more than what we think. Have you ever stopped to think what the reason was that made that child go up to that person and greet him or her? It might have been because that person might have looked like a character the child saw in a cartoon?

Another thing that children often do that can drive you a little insane is repeat stuff over and over. Have you noticed that? Kind of drives you nuts, doesn’t it? It might be a line from a movie or a TV show or something that the child might have heard his father or mother say. Children pick up stuff here and there and makeup games to fill their day with laughter or simply to make a couple of hours a little less boring.

Other times you will see a child just staring at someone. That can really get on your nerves at times. Have you seen this happen? Having children of my own, I have experienced this firsthand. This can be a little awkward for the parents as well. Even if you have taken the time to explain to your child that people are simply different. One or two distinctive features are not going to change how the person is inside. A few seconds later, your child is staring at the first person he or she sees, and you are left apologizing for the inconvenience.

Well, just to show you how common this is, it also happened to little Rayna. Rayna is very well known by her parents for having a great imagination. She doesn’t need a playmate either (although I am sure she wouldn’t mind one), and she has given them with more than a couple of laughs. Her curiosity has only grown as her parents have seen her go from baby to toddler.

So, one day she is outside. She sees this water heater sitting there. The top part of the heater has an area that resembles a robot head. Think of Wall-E, so you can get an idea. The little girl just stares at it, as if she was just discovering the true identity of something or someone. What she does next is bound to melt your heart.