Toddler Offers Love And Compassion To Her Frightened Dog While They Wait Out The Thunder

Whenever it storms outside, my dog cowers under the desk and tries to hide under any place she can find. She quivers and shakes, and you can tell that utterly despises them. This is not an uncommon situation for dogs and their owners. Many canines are terrified of thunder, fireworks, or other loud booming noises. The dog in this video has a pint-sized personal comfort giver.

The toddler knows the thunder scares her doggy, and she is determined to be there for her furry friend. Dogs appreciate our calming presence when they are stressed out. This little child proves that you’re never too young to show compassion.

Her dog was hiding in the corner, and she hugged it. You can see the baby petting the dog and stroking its ears. If you listen carefully, you can even hear her speaking gibberish to the puppy. The dog appears to enjoy the camaraderie.

The clip lasts a little longer than a minute, but it is long enough to leave you with a smile — and a sense that it is still good in the world. It was comforting to be reminded of the kindness humans exhibit. We can all take a lesson from this kid and show consideration to others around us.