Toddler Tantrum Turns To Love As This Little Girl Comforts Her Baby Sister

Grumpy Girl Cheered Up By Baby Sister

If only we all had someone or something that could cheer us up as quickly as this little one warms up by seeing her baby sister. Waking up grumpy would never be a problem – now that’s love if we’ve ever seen it!

“I love her so much” are the first words a grouchy Ellia says after instantly cheering up thanks to the comfort of her newborn sister Tessa. Each sister is equally comforted by the other, but it’s highly unlikely that Ellia nor her sister will evoke this reaction in any other way.

This is what every mother needs to brighten the day and make those difficult moments oh-so-ever-much easier. Watch as mom wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, but can’t help but cheer up after what unfolds next. A grumpy sister transforms into a little angel after seeing and comforting her sister in this must-see clip.