Toddler Wants Single Ladies. See Him Make His Moves To Beyoncé! It’s Outstanding

When it comes to pop music, Beyoncé definitely rules the world. Everyone knows this young icon and her gyrating dance moves are the stuff of legend. She’s made music history already and busted so many music industry records that it doesn’t even seem fair at this point.

What really will bring her some more attention has to be her biggest and yet smallest fan. When daddy starts in with some of Beyoncé’s music with the amazing video ‘Single Ladies’ on the television, he never expected to see his little toddler start busting out moves like this.  This kid just has the music in him and it shows that he must have been born with some extraordinary timing and rhythm.

Grabbing on to the table for support, the little tyke rocks and sways to her voice and tune. His excitement mounts and climbs as he gets deeper and deeper into the track. He’s not at all afraid to show his affection for Beyoncé and it’s the most adorable dancing ever recorded.

The parents are so floored to see their little rock star in training dancing so happily. It really makes you want to get up and move to the beat also. Check it out below and see what you think and leave a comment before you go ahead and share the clip because you know you want to.

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