Toddler’s confused expression during first encounter with twin baby cousins is just too sweet

This little toddler named Landon has never seen a twin before, so when his two twin cousins came to visit, his confusion is over-the-top adorable.

It’s one of those family visits when you get the cameras out and get the kids together. We all have fond memories of those days. The entire family is watching little Landon as he looks left then right, then back and forth… His expression is adorable.

Then in a brief moment of panic, he looks directly at mom to make sure everything is all right. With that mother assurance obtained, he still can’t believe he’s seeing double.

The flabbergasted toddler seems a little intimidated of his little relative to his right, yet the two are still almost indistinguishable. Heck, a lot of adults have a hard time telling twins apart especially when you haven’t seen them before.

Watch little Landon’s precious interaction with his darling baby cousins and add your comment below, then pass this heartwarming video along to a friend. Enjoy!