They Told Their Cockatoo He Was Going To The Vet, And He Had The Funniest Reaction Ever

Pet owners know how their pets feel about going to the vet, and while some aren’t bothered by it, others really, really don’t like the vet. It might have something to do with that bothersome thermometer, but some dogs seem like they can sense a trip to the vet in their future and are not afraid to show their displeasure at the idea. Even birds can sense a trip to the vet and they can have some pretty hilarious reactions when they show their distaste for the animal doctor. Max is a Cockatoo that has some pretty strong feelings about the vet and in the video his reaction is hilarious when he has to get in his transport crate.

He squawks and cries out very loudly and though it may sound like he’s in pain and having a serious reaction, how owner knows exactly what he’s up to and doesn’t buy it. Cockatoos are actually known for screaming like this and it is totally normal when they are excited or alarmed. The screaming you hear in the video is actually how they communicate and apparently, this bird is communicating his dislike of going to the vet!

But by the end of the this video, this poor bird is so stressed out and seems like he is truly at the end of his rope. Or is he? It will all be over soon and this is for your own good, so tough it out.

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