She Was Told She Couldn’t Dance Because Of Her Weight, But She Proved Them Wrong With One Incredible Video

Whitney Thore was in love with dancing. It was her one great joy and passion in life. Unfortunately, she was told by the world not to pursue her dreams. She was told that she couldn’t and shouldn’t pursue this great love. All of this criticism was given to her for one reason: Whitney was overweight.

Suffering from self-confidence issues and eating disorders for a number of years, Whitney gained over one-hundred pounds after developing PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome, a disorder that would destroy her metabolism. After gaining this weight from PCOS, she learned how mean and cruel people can really be, encountering many people who called her “fat and disgusting” and telling her that she should never dance professionally.

Whitney decided that she wasn’t going to accept this unfair criticism from society. She was going to fight back in any way that she could. She soon started posting videos of her dancing online that she called “A Fat Girl Dancing”, and people soon began to take notice. While the mean and cruel voices were still there, Whitney soon began to find an additional group of people that thought she was amazing and loved her exactly the way she was.

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