I Told My Friends What My Dog Did Every Day, But They Didn’t Believe Me Until I Showed Them THIS!

Dogs are truly man’s best friend, a perfect companion that will love you unconditionally as long as you treat them as they deserve. In the past many Greyhounds weren’t treated well at all, forced to race for the amusement and gambling interests of people at dog tracks around the country.

Mr Fry is a rescue Greyhound from Arizona, happy and healthy and completely adorable. But you won’t believe what his job is now!

You see Mr Fry is a special dog, entrusted with an incredible duty – he is a therapy dog at the Sunrise Senior Living Center in Tuscon. The seniors love his kind-hearted nature and quickly took to this tall pooch.

Check out this video to see one of Mr Fry’s more mysterious – but cute as a button tendencies. He loves to rest in the same room as his friends, so he will carry his bed from room to room as the residents move around, making sure they always have a pal by their side.

Dogs can provide a completely unique form of friendship, especially for older people who may not get as much love as they used to in a house full of family. Rarely though are dogs as nice and kind as Mr Fry, he truly is a special dog.

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