Tom Selleck was everyone’s favorite on-screen PI for almost a decade

Tom Selleck

Everyone knows the name, and the famous mustache, of Tom Selleck. As one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, Tom Selleck has played some incredible roles!

Tom Selleck

He was born in Detroit, Michigan, on June 29, 1945, and before Tom Selleck as a household name, he went to college at the University of Southern California, where he played basketball and baseball and majored in Business Administration.

Acting wasn’t even on Selleck’s horizon until a drama professor suggested it! But when he did, Tom dropped out of school and started acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

In 1967, Selleck was drafted due to the Vietnam War, but he served his time in California in the National Guard until 1973, during which time he got his acting career off the ground.

His first appearance on TV was on The Dating Game in 1965, but when he starred in several commercials, including for Pepsi and Right Guard alongside Farrah Fawcett, he started to actually get noticed.

With several minor roles on television and supporting roles in films, Tom Selleck spent the 1970s without really getting his big break. But in 1980, everything changed for Selleck when he landed the role of Thomas Magnum in the soon-to-be-hit show Magnum PI.

Tom Selleck

Although the show truly made Selleck a big-time Hollywood star, he has to pass on Raiders of the Lost Ark due to his contract. Which some say would have made him far more famous than Magnum did.

However, Selleck is proud that he adhered to his contract, and there is no doubt that Magnum PI did a lot for his career. And while he worked on Magnum, he continued to star in commercials both by acting and with voiceovers.

As well in 1987, Selleck’s fame skyrocketed when he starred in the film Three Men & a Baby.

However, when the show aired its final season in 1988, Selleck tried to continue his career in films. But in the mid-1990s, he returned to TV to guest star on the hit sitcom Friends. For which he won an Emmy!

Tom Selleck

From then, he realized that TV was where he shined. Over the next ten years, he took on roles on shows such as The Closer, Las Vegas, Jesse Stone, and Boston Legal.

More recently, he landed the role of Frank Reagan (for which he won a People’s Choice Award) on the crime drama Blue Bloods on CBS, which is about to run its 13th season.

And in 2021, Selleck released his first album singing “Yessir, I Can Sing.” And although most of his fans knew he had a good voice from the many commercials he starred in over the years, most people were still excited and impressed!

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Tom Selleck was everyone’s favorite on-screen PI for almost a decade