Woman sings fantastic Rockabilly song with talented trio of musicians

Rhythm Sophie and Tom Stormy Trio

The talented musicians of the Tom Stormy Trio and rocking vocals of Rhythm Sophie are taking the rockabilly world by storm. Check out their collaboration on the hit song “Rockabilly Rhythm.”

Rhythm Sophie and Tom Stormy Trio

This song is impossible to listen to without bobbing your head or tapping your toes to the beat. Rhythm Sophie’s jazzy voice is out of this world and perfect for such a rockin’ song.

Her outfit represents the perfect rockabilly style with her black leather jacket and rocket red lipstick. She’s channeling a little bit of Danny Zuko from Grease, and we love it!

Tom Stormy Trio

The Tom Stormy Trio is equally impressive. The combination of drums, bass, and electric guitar wonderfully complement Rhythm Sophie’s vocals. Their stoic demeanor further accentuates her rock and roll vibes.

What’s even more unbelievable than this fantastic quartet’s undeniable style and sound is the fact that Rhythm Sophie is Hungarian! She sounds exactly like an American swing performer from the 1950s.

Rhythm Sophie and Tom Stormy Trio

The Tom Stormy Trio and Rhythm Sophie know how to please their audience. “Rockabilly Rhythm” is the perfect song to grab your partner and swing dance to until your heart’s content.

If you liked this song, check out some of their other collaborations. These four just keep the hits coming and we’ll keep taking them until good music goes out of style.

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