Former tomcat with a rough past purrs for the first time

A kind woman was scrolling through her social media pages when she saw a picture of a sad-looking cat. The post was made by the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota.

The cat’s name was Bruce Willis. He was a former tomcat that had possibly lived outside for several years. The kind woman could see that the little cat had a rough life. This just broke her heart.

When the woman went to the shelter to meet him, Bruce was sitting inside his kennel in his little room. She knew she could not leave the cat at the shelter. Soon both of them headed home.

The cat instantly started exploring his new home, roamed around the whole house, and felt comfortable in his new home. He would purr all the time and had his first dinner at the dinner table.

After that, he played with his mom. The shelter cat felt loved and soon opened his heart to his new mom. He relished his special treats and loved the empty boxes at his home.

The cat’s mom would always be around him. She loved taking care of the kitty. However, now Bruce did not look like the sad cat anymore. He liked his new home and loved his mom.

On the 6th day after his adoption, Bruce started to snuggle with his mom. He was now a happy cat who would love to sleep on the couch and like to be around his mom.

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Former tomcat with a rough past purrs for the first time