Tommy Is A Spaniel Mix Who Does NOT Like Car Rides, Daddy Makes It All Better When He Does THIS! AWW!

We all have our coping mechanisms when it comes to doing things that make us nervous. Like listening to a particularly upbeat bunch of songs before taking a test of going on a first date or driving. Those rituals comfort us and allow us to get through to the other side, safely. Wait until you see what this dog in this video does to get through driving with his daddy.

Tommy is a spaniel mix of some kind and he gets terrified when Adam, his dad, drives. This is not to say that Adam’s a bad driver of any kind. If he was, Tommy would probably refuse to even enter the car. No, it’s just the process of getting from point A to Point B makes him very nervous. So what does he do? He has Adam hold his paw the whole time. This soothes him, though it does make it awkward for his dad to make any two-handed turns of the wheel.

Adam does try to get Tommy used to just sitting by himself in the front seat – he even moved him to the backseat. Problem was, he became a real backseat driver, barking incessantly. In his doggie language, he was probably saying things like, “SLOW DOWN! ARE YOU TRYING TO GET US KILLED? SIGNAL THERE! THAT WAS A STOP SIGN!” Adam finally relented and put him back in the front and started holding his paw again.

I just hope that Adam stays on local streets, because trying to drive on a highway or expressway with one hand on the wheel and the other on a paw… that would be REALLY interesting to try to explain to a patrolman. “I couldn’t react in time because I was holding his paw. Here’s my license…” “Wait. Wait. Back up. Holding his WHAT?” I’m sure that there will be a solution that benefits them all.. like just staying at home all the time.

This video was so cute. I tried to hold my cat’s paw once. I still have the scars on my hand. What did you think of it? Leave us a comment below!

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