Tony Bennett Performs a 94-Year-Old Classic, But When SHE Joins In… OH, WHAT A MASTERPIECE!

Tony Bennett, Carrie Underwood DuetThe classical tune of “It Had To Be You” has been sung as a duet from its very inception in 1924 and its first significant appearance in a black and white movie “Melody In May” in 1936.

The unexpected pairing of two superstars set in front of an orchestra makes the experience chilling. Together they create a sound that is very special.

Tony Bennett, Carrie Underwood DuetSurprisingly, two artists from very different genres, can create a compelling rendition of the love song. Tony Bennet is well-known for his big band sound, and Carrie Underwood reigns in country music.

Although there is a considerable age difference in the pair, the romance of the song rings through. Each compliments the other with perfect timing in the interplay between the two parts.

And their voices are well matched from the soft crooning parts to the loud declarations of love.

In the end, Carrie compliments Tony by saying, ”He’s just velvet, he’s so smooth.” You can almost see the audience nodding in agreement.

She’s intoxicating: melodic, clear and smooth. Tony is deep and resonant. Together they are beautiful.

Tony’s phrasing is impeccable! What a musician he is! Carrie did a nice job, considering she’s not a jazz singer. Lovely duet! This over those mainstreams popular songs any time.

Tony Bennett Performs a 94-Year-Old Classic, But When SHE Joins In... OH, WHAT A MASTERPIECE!