He took his cat for a hike on a mountain. Just wait until you see the cat’s eyes…

It all started with a social media post from an animal shelter in Cork, Ireland. They had a cat who needed a forever home but also a patient person who would be able to provide the special care she needed. After seeing the post, Patrick Corr adopted the cat, named Stevie and since then, the calico has taught him some important life lessons.

Because Stevie is blind, Corr has to make sure that everything is kept in its usual location so that the cat can find her way around the house. Stevie doesn’t let her disability stop her from exploring the world around her. She makes good use of her other senses, keeping her whiskers near the ground, making the most of her amazing sense of smell, and doing a special walk that helps prevent her from falling off ledges. It took a lot of practice, but Corr was able to harness train Stevie so the two of them could go outside together.

Wildly unlikely though it sounds, Corr took Stevie out for a hike up a mountain. He made a beautiful video in which he uses the experience to talk about the life lessons he’s learned from his blind cat. “I think Stevie is a truly remarkable cat and I wanted to capture how I truly felt about her and share that with the world in a meaningful way.” We’ve posted his video for you below. As you’ll see, Stevie really enjoys exploring her surroundings even when they’re unfamiliar.

While he’d never dislike cats, Corr had never really been a cat person. But now he’ll be the first to tell you that Stevie has changed his life forever. “She’s always there for me when I need her and she’s ridiculously cute as well.”

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