He Took Her Onto The Dance Floor. Now See Her Shock Everyone With Her Moves

I would like to think that I can dance. So when I hear a tune come on that I like, I’m not shy about it at all.  Every now and again though, I’m all too aware that people are looking at me as if I’m having a seizure on the dance floor.  Fine, maybe I’m a good candidate for some professional training in the art of dancing, but what style should I choose to study?

There are so many popular styles that most of us are at least familiar with, such as salsa, tango, ballroom, and swing dancing.  But are you aware of the many forms of dance that are out there that you may have never heard of? A great example of this is a style of dance called forro.

If forro is something you haven’t heard of, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Forró is a style that originates in the northeast corner of Brazil. It is a very beautiful and energetic style of dancing that has its roots in salsa and it is something else to behold.

The world is catching on to this amazing form of dance and as you will see it is really hard to do the style any justice with mere words. This is why the video below is here for your enjoyment.  Check it out and see if you do not break a sweat by just watching.  As always, please share your thoughts in the comments section and share the clip with your family and friends alike.

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