They Took A Prison Inmate To A Shed. Watch What He Does With The Horse Inside.

Prison inmates in the Maryland penitentiary system are finding a new hope and source of motivation in life thanks to retired race horses. The video below showcases a program that takes retired racing horses and gives them a second life as therapy horses for the inmates of the prison system. The prisoners also benefit greatly from this, because it allows them to learn new abilities and find a little bit of peace and quiet.

Rehabilitation is the key to a successful prison system, and programs like this one really help bring out the good side of people instead of just making them feel cornered and helpless. As for the horses, after a short but explosive career in the racing circuit, they need to be with people that appreciates them just for what they are, and nor for what they can or cannot do.

The revolutionary program that has made this possible is called “Second Chances, and it was started by the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation as a new way to rescue racing horses after they retire, because if they don’t find a home after becoming “useless” to the racing circuit, they face being euthanized or slaughtered for meat. Words cannot describe how amazing programs like this one really are.

Watch this marvelous Second Chances program video right below.

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