They Took A Prisoner To A Shed. Watch What He Does With The Horse Inside.

Retired race horses are bringing hope and motivation to inmates in the Maryland prison system. This video is about a unique program that rescues retired race horses and gives not only the horses a chance at a better life, but prison inmates as well.  These horses are actually therapy horses for the inmates of the prison system. There are many benefits for the prisoners because they not only learn skills and responsibility, they learn patience and love while not being judged.

Any successful prison system includes rehabilitation programs, and programs like this one really bring out a more patient and caring side of people instead of making them feel worthless. The horses appreciate this because after being on a racing circuit, they need to be with people who accept them for the gentle creatures they are rather than how fast they can run.

This innovative program is called “Second Chances” and it was started by the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation as a way to rescue race horses and prove they still have value. If these horses don’t find a home after retiring, they could be euthanized or slaughtered for meat. Appalling. Fortunately, the prisoners aren’t the only ones benefiting from this program.

Watch this marvelous Second Chances program video right below.

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