It only took a few seconds for this girl to make the judges turn their chairs!

It never ceases to amaze me how some very young kids are born with such talent. Many of them become famous once they take part in one of these talent shows. One of the most astounding performers I saw in one of these shows was Adrian Romoff. He is only 9 years old but packs a lot of talent is a small body. And that’s just the start of it.

This young pianist comes from Michigan where he spends many hours a day practicing his music and on his other love, science. He has a home lab where he carries out many experiments to find out how things work. His mother says that he has always been a very inquisitive boy, and if he finds something he doesn’t understand, he will stop at nothing until he does.

This great curiosity and intelligence have helped him skip 5 grades putting him currently in 8th grade. His fellow classmates love his demeanor. They say he is very articulate, and he sure sounds that way. He wants to study something related to science when he grows up and I am sure he is going to make a great doctor someday.

But I must tell you when he starts playing, he plays with such feeling that he’s able to communicate those feelings to the audience. His playing skills are well beyond his years. And after playing for the judges, he decides to play a more classical rendition. After that, everyone is all smiles, and he got congratulated by the judges. He also got through to the next round with a unanimous approval.

Another contestant that I saw was Angela Hale. She is this adorable little girl that has a love for music and is a huge fan of Whitney Houston. In fact, she admits she would like to be the next Whitney. So, as you can imagine, the expectations for her were huge, but she managed to deliver in an even bigger way. She blew everyone in attendance with her performance.

The next contestant appeared in one of the broadcasts of The Voice. In case you haven’t noticed, The Voice follows a different format from other shows like, “America’s Got Talent.” Unlike the others, contestants in The Voice will not get interviewed before, so the judges can only guide their decision in the first impression that their voices give them. This girl chooses to sing one of the most difficult songs out there and passes with flying colors. I present to you, young Chelsea!