Top 10 incorrect ‘Jeopardy!’ answers that left Alex Trebek shaking his head in disbelief

Alex Trebek

The hit game show ‘Jeopardy!’ has seen its share of genius minds over the years. It has also had its share of blooper-worthy moments with answers so wrong even Alex Trebek couldn’t believe them.


This clip countdown of the 10 really incorrect answers starts with a contestant answering a hockey question by naming ‘Magic Johnson,’ who happens to be a famous basketball player!

Another clip shows famous basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar guessing the missing movie-rating letter from Alex’s list. Kareem guesses the missing movie rating is ‘X,’ and Alex reminds him that ‘Jeopardy!’ is a family show! The audience cracks up!

Jeopardy participant

The bloopers continue as Alex is looking for the answer, ‘What is a love triangle?’ Instead, he gets the embarrassing response, ‘What is a threesome?’ The audience is shocked and amused.

One question was about a song title, a hymn in both the Jewish and Christian faiths, and a Broadway musical title. A final jeopardy contestant answered, ‘Kinky Boots!’ The audience laughed, and Alex even commented ironically, ‘Whenever people go to church or temple, they sing Kinky Boots!’

Alex Trebek

In the next segment, Alex reads the list of titles for the contestants to choose from, and one is titled, ‘Your Momma.’ A contestant replies, ‘Alex, I’ll take your momma for $400!’

‘Jeopardy!’ will always be an intelligent show that highlights the masters of trivia and knowledge. However, every now and then, a little humor slips in by way of a funny or incorrect answer!

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Top 10 incorrect \'Jeopardy!\' answers that left Alex Trebek shaking his head in disbelief