Tortie Kitten Walks Into Japanese Climbing Gym. I Was Impressed By What She Did.

Sometimes you find an animal and bring it home. There are times though, when the animal comes to you, either at your home or at your business. I remember that there was a feral cat that wanted to do that at our house. We would have welcomed her, but we already had a cat then. She still loved letting us pet her outside. Then there’s the cat that you see in this video. She definitely chose her new home.

Lalah is a tortie that lives in Okinawa, Japan. She found a climbing gym to live in and she got hooked really quickly. The never-ending excitement of finding a new way to climb up a wall is what drives her. She also loves “helping out” and racing up and down ladders. Customers at the gym love her. Take a look at her… she’s adorable! Why wouldn’t they be smitten by her? I bet she’s good for business.

It’s so cute seeing Lalah climbing up the wall by jumping on the different grips and footholds. It’s harder than it looks! Even a nimble kitty can have a couple of “uh-oh!” moments on the way up. Maybe she could be used as an incentive for those who want to climb the wall but are afraid to. “Go up there and pet the kitty!” If I were there when that happened, I would be on that wall in a heartbeat.

Lalah likes to keep active, which is good. It’s hard work, even for a young kitty, though! She rests a lot in between her climbing sessions. I wish I could do that sometimes with my work. Just lay down and take a nap. Only problem is that I might fall asleep and miss a deadline. Oh well. I’ll just stay awake. The biggest beneficiaries of Lalah have to be the people at the climbing place. I’m sure she attracts more customers with her cuteness.

What did you think of Lalah? I could watch her climb all day, couldn’t you? I did a wall-climbing session once. My hands were SO tired by the end of it. Have you done it? Tell us your stories in the comments section below!

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