Total Strangers Help Mom Track Down Baby’s Kidnapper Using Social Media

As a father, I don’t know what I would have done if my son had been abducted from the hospital. It’s the nightmare scenario for any parent of a newborn. Anyone could dress up in a nurse’s outfit and abscond with their child and finding them could be next to impossible. There was a case where a girl was found decades later after she had been taken. That didn’t happen here with this video about one that happened in Quebec, Canada.

Melissa McMahon and Simon Boisclais were in the hospital, with McMahon having just given birth to a one-day old baby. A woman in a nurse’s outfit came in and said she had to take the baby for a test. The hospital realized that the baby had been taken 10 minutes later and the police were called. Both parents posted heartbreaking photos on social media and the hospital did the same, releasing a photo of the suspect from a security camera.

Here’s where the story takes an even better twist. Some 20 somethings that didn’t even know the couple, found out and decided to do some detective work. They realized that the woman in the photo was an old neighbor and told the police, who went to her new home and rescued the baby. McMahon then posted heartfelt thanks to those who assisted in returning their baby to the hospital.

One thing the report picked up on was that the security measures in the Canadian hospital were far less than the ones in America. Babies in America have security bands put on their legs and trying to take a baby out can result in an immediate hospital lockdown. That wasn’t present at the Canadian hospital. Fortunately, things turned out just fine. Any child abduction case is scary, though. More things need to be done to prevent them.

I think I’d be breathing through a paper bag for the first five minutes after finding out my child was abducted.

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