In Touching Song ‘Pray For Peace’ Reba Asks Us To Lift Our Voices And Bring Peace To The World

Reba McEntire has been deeply touched by the violence that seems to be blossoming in the world today. In November of last year, shortly after the terrorist attacks on Paris, Reba reached out to her fans with a reminder of her faith in God.

After the riots in Ferguson, sparked by outrage from the black community of systemic racism leading to deaths by police, the message Reba sent in November seemed more relevant than ever. With the divisiveness of the current election and continued racial profiling in all levels of the justice system, Reba’s words only gain importance.

“In 2013, God put 3 words on my heart.” she wrote. “Three words that I know I need to pray everyday. The tragedy that happened Friday in Paris reminded me again, never quit. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone tonight, not just those in Paris but those all over the world who are hurting. Join me. #‎PrayForPeace.”

One of the few songs Reba wrote completely on her own, “Pray for Peace”, she says, is a song that was delivered by divine inspiration.

“My front yard is my church,” she explained. ” That’s where I talk to God and pray, and I walk and look at the beautiful things He’s created. And so ‘Pray for Peace’ came to my mind. So I started praying for peace. A lot of things were going on at the time around the world that were really disturbing…”

Watch Reba’s touching music video for “Pray for Peace” below!

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