So Touching: Street Busker Finds a Kitty Alone Who Will Change His Life, Forever.

This street musician who had no home, did not know that finding this little cat was going to change his life in a positive great way and forever. He liked playing music in the streets but he was always alone.  One ordinary day, while he was playing music on the subway as he used to do, he saw this cute and small kitten walking around, but the cat was wounded on one of its legs. So, he thought the kitten had probably had a street fight or an accident, and for that reason the kitty was now hurt. It was obvious that the little one needed some help at that time because it was very clear that he had some kind pain on the leg that was hurt. The musician could not help helping him and took him to the vet.  The doctor gave to the kitty some treatment and healed his wounds and in a short period of time the cat was walking around without any problem.

After saving this little cat, it was very difficult for the musician to say goodbye to the kitten, so he decided to adopt it and live with him. The kitten was called Bob by the musician, and the new pet chased his new owner to wherever he went. Every time this musician played a piece, the kitten was excited, happy and sat down next to him, this cat loved so much the music, that he was almost dancing every time he heard a song! which made people on the street, help them more. Soon James improved his earnings. He could even write a book about how that little kitten had managed to change his life in a positive way.

They go together everywhere and never separate. It’s amazing to see how close they are and how much Bob enjoys the music of their owner. This kitten found a new home and an owner who loves him without a doubt.

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