A tough 70-year-old teacher with no kids or wife, has second life exposed!

Before you start to judge somebody’s life you might need to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, we frequently form an opinion around a person only for what is being seen and not by the true meaning of their actions. The living example in this matter is a man called Jim O’Connor. He is a man with two lives, you get to choose which one you prefer.

Jim is a 70 years old Vietnam veteran that now works at the St. Francis High School in California, with the discipline that only a military man knows, he teaches math to the future men of tomorrow. With a short haircut, authoritative voice and a permanent serious look at his face, he gives the impression that this is somebody you don’t want to mess with.

The students know him for his strict Algebra and Calculus classes. At the school, the teacher’s opinion is that he is not there to entertain them, so when people asked him about his tough methodology, he answered, “It drives me crazy when people say that school should be fun, is nice and it could be, but you can’t make school fun”, this gives you the heads up on what to expect from one of his lessons.

But behind that strong appearance lies a well guarded secret, it turns out that Jim has an alter ego known as “The Baby Whisperer”. A senior student of Jim discovered him when he was in charge of a blood drive at the hospital. Every day after 5 pm when the classes are over, Jim goes to the Children’s Hospital and offers his services as a TLC volunteer.

At the beginning, it started as a simple blood drive which one of his friends convinced him to do it. Jim has been blessed with the universal blood type O negative, this means that his blood cells can be transfused to almost any patient in need. After that, Jim returned frequently, giving a large quantity of blood and becoming the hospital’s top donor with the outstanding number of 72 gallons of shared blood.

When Jim noticed there were so many ill babies and children at the hospital, he offered to assist them. But how could this old Vietnam veteran help? Whenever they need it, Jim gives tender treatments to the babies, he enjoys walking them, feeding them and giving extra love to the wee ones.

Doctors, nurses and the rest of the personnel at the Children’s Hospital are really grateful for him. With no family of his own, Jim certainly found the place where he really belongs.

If you want to know more about this heartmelting story, watch the video below and discover how these students learned a lesson of love.