Tough-Looking Man Sits In Car With His Wife. I Was Not Prepared To Hear Him Talk.

How many times have you seen someone and had your first impression of their personality based on their outward appearance? Then you talk to them and find out that they are the polar opposite of what you expected? It’s true: We shouldn’t judge a book based on its cover. Some of the nicest people have had the most intimidating physiques while a “friendly-looking” person turns out to be the biggest jerk. That’s what we see in this video.

TV personality Zane Lamprey look like someone that you do not want to meet in a dark alleyway. He’s got a scruffy beard and his size is pretty intimidating. Heck, his last NAME is one of natures most feared parasites, one with sharp teeth. He blow that sterotype away the second he starts talking to the three kittens he and his wife, Melissa have taken in to foster so that they can be adopted. I know how silly it sounds since I talk to my cats the same way.

The video shows them saying that they aren’t going to name the kittens because they don’t want to get attached. Literally the very next scene, we see Zane calling them by name. So much for that. The kitten are sick with a respiratory illness called Feline Calicivirus. They load up food with antibiotics and it seems like the trio is on the mend. Their eyes clear up and the gunk that was in one of their mouths goes away.

What really melted my heart was when they started interacting with the Lampreys’ Irish Wolfhound, Bodie. They LOVE this dog, even using him for a bed. Bodie returns the love, just playing with them. The video has a good message at the end, when Zane tells people to go out to the pound and adopt an animal. It’s good that he’s using his status as a TV personality to do this. Hopefully, it will boost adoption numbers.

What did you think? Wasn’t Lamprey awesome? I thought so. Have you had similar experiences with finding a person’s outward appearance might be different from their personality. We’d love to hear those stories in the comments.

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