A Tough Prison Inmate Raised This Dog, But Watch When They Have To Say Goodbye!

Castaways is an incredible documentary series the chronicles and innovative rehabilitation program. This K9 Companion Program puts unwanted dogs in the hands of well behaving prisoners. The prisoners train the dogs to be more personable to better their chances are being adopted.

It might seem like an unlikely union to bring these two things together, but it has shown to have great results. It helps out dogs the might otherwise be euthanized because they are unadoptable. It also helps prisoners who are shown to have lower recidivism rates due to this program.

This video shows you the incredible bond that Jason, the prison inmate, has formed with Esther. It is an emotional goodbye when Esther is sent off to be adopted by a loving family. The friendship that forms between dog and inmate helps both to improve their lives.

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