Tourist freezes when cheetah invades safari vehicle

Tourists worldwide flock to African game reserves and parks to see the impressive wildlife and beautiful scenery. During these visits, these tourists always leave with a good story to tell.

Britton Hayes is one such tourist. He came from Seattle, the USA for a safari in Tanzania. While on his tour, something unexpected happened. A cheetah jumped into the backseat of his vehicle.

Britton was warned by the safari guide not to move a muscle, and he froze. The cheetah continued to check out the vehicle’s interior and even seemed quite impressed by the leather seats.

Things only got worse when a second cheetah hopped onto the hood of the vehicle and began to look around. All Britton could do is hope for the best.

Trapped with two cheetahs in the open vehicle, Britton’s only hope was waiting for the animals to leave finally. Lucky for him, they left, and he got out of this unscathed.

This is a story that he will be telling for quite some time when he gets back home. It’s not every day you get trapped in a vehicle with two wild cheetahs.

With over nineteen million views, most people would agree that is not an experience they would wish to go through. However, traveling the world is lovely, and such unique experiences only add to the moment’s thrill.

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Tourist freezes when cheetah invades safari vehicle