A tourist walks across a glass bridge built alongside a cliff. Seconds later, it shatters.

One of my favorite hobbies is traveling. Ever since I was a little boy my father used to tell me, “Son, before you get married and have those types of responsibilities, you need to travel as much as you can.” Back then, I didn’t understand why he had told me that, but as soon as I started growing and getting more responsibilities, I understood where he was coming from.

We often hear the discussion over which is better: Getting something that you’ve always wanted or living a wonderful experience. As you get older, you grow to appreciate the finer things in life, like a fine glass of wine, a luxury watch, or a cruise ship holiday. All those things that were not that important to you suddenly are. Many life coaches and psychologists believe that the need to pamper yourself grows with us in life.

Especially if you have been working for a long time, getting the chance to take a short holiday can do more than recharge your batteries. But what is it about traveling that seems to have such a profound effect on one’s spirit? For starters, the fact of changing the scenery. We are constantly evolving, so it is only logical that we change our scenery occasionally.

When you do, you awaken your creative side. Your senses are filled with new colors, new sounds and new aromas that help you relax and be more creative. This is the reason that when you come back from a vacation at an exotic destination, everything seems to be clearer to you. It is as if a huge weight has been taken off your shoulders and you are able to concentrate a lot better.

When deciding where to go to, you need to consider what your tastes are and even your fears. One of the contemporary trends in tourist attractions is incorporating glass walkways in them. If you are a person who doesn’t mind a little danger here and there, then you’ll see no problem with this. But if you’re like me, you think that going somewhere on vacation is all about relaxing. There’s no need for added stress, you know!

I am a person who’s absolutely terrified of heights. I don’t know whose idea of fun this was, but I am not digging it one bit. One thing I can tell you is that this attraction gives you a unique 360-degree experience. It is like seeing everything at the same time. This is the place for all you daredevils. But where is this place exactly?

China is the place you can find it. In fact, China doesn’t only have one but more than 60 of these glass bridges. China is famous for its mountain sights and these bridges give the tourist a bird’s eye view of what it feels to be up there. One of these bridges has gone viral thanks to something very crazy. Let’s just say this bridge is a lot different from the rest. Watch what happens when this man steps out onto it and try to keep your eyes open!