This Tow Truck Driver Was Just Doing His Job. What Happened Next Was A Miracle…

There are moments throughout our lives where we are going about our normal jobs and we have an opportunity to do something incredible or a chance to witness something amazing. In these moments we have to ask ourselves if this was just an accident or if these events are somehow connected. When I am given the chance to do something amazing, I have a hard time believing that the opportunity was just random chance. I want to believe that there is some kind of higher plan, a guiding hand that points to where I need to go.

For tow truck driver Robert Hooper, it seemed like fate directed him exactly where he needed to be right when he needed to be there. Robert was on his way to help out Janey Smith, a 69 year-old woman whose car had broken down on the side of the road. After loading her car onto the flatbed, he noticed something off in the distance and decided to go investigate.

Inside of a car that had been wrecked, he spotted something that looked like a body. Suddenly, he heard a noise and realized that this person was miraculously still alive, and if Janey Smith had not broken down on the side of the road, this may not have been such a miracle.

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