Tiny preemie defies the odds and survives! This is amazing! OMG!

As they awaited the birth of their daughter, Hannah Wicks and Steve McSween were filled with joy and anticipation. A few more months and they’d have their child in their arms… But then there was a complication.

According to Hannah, “I remember one day we were told she wasn’t growing and we were taken into a small room. I knew it was bad news because there was a box of tissues on the table. We were told, ‘The likelihood of you having a positive outcome to this pregnancy is very slim.'”

The doctors explained that intrauterine growth restriction was preventing the baby she was carrying from growing normally. Just 25 weeks into her pregnancy, they were going to have to do an emergency cesarean section. “When they said they had to deliver, I burst into tears. That’s when it hit me, ‘She’s either going to make it or not.’ So many people had said, ‘She’s too small.’ But after the birth one of the doctors brought her over to me and I was able to kiss her. It meant so much that I had seen her.”

Poppy only weighed 12.7 ounces when she was born and doctors didn’t expect her to live long. As Hannah recalled, “She looked so tiny in her incubator when her arms and legs were all curled up, we compared her to a tennis ball. That’s how small she looked.” The parents struggled to prepare for the worst. Hannah even purchased a stuffed bunny so her baby girl wouldn’t have to be alone in her coffin. But this wasn’t the end of the story.

The tiny baby needed around-the-clock medical care and her parents stayed at her side the whole time. The days went by, then weeks. The doctors were surprised and started becoming more and more optimistic. Eventually, Hannah and Steve were able to bring their little miracle of a daughter home!

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