Traffic reporter sings like an ice princess to encourage people to stay home

The 2013 Disney movie “Frozen” was such a success that there can’t be very many people on the planet who haven’t heard “Let It Go.” It’s the signature song of the film’s principal character, Elsa the ice princess. Children have a way of becoming obsessed with the song, but there are plenty of adults who like it to, as evidenced by the countless covers that have been made. Parody is a back-handed sort of tribute and there have been plenty of parodies made of “Let It Go.” Not even a TV traffic reporter could resist!

Winter weather can make driving treacherous, both for drivers who aren’t accustomed to it and those who think they can handle any amount of snow and ice. The safest thing is to stay home but lots of people are determined to carry on with their lives no matter what. Bob Herzog covers traffic at Cincinnati’s WKRC-TV and one wintry day, he decided to harness the power of song to drive home the message that people should stay home and avoid the roads.

Herzog took his daughter to see “Frozen” twice and had heard the song countless times at home. Perhaps unable to get it “Let It Go” out of his head, he wrote the lyrics for his own version: “Just Don’t Go.” As you’ll see in the video posted below, he did a good job. A few of the lines: “They can’t stay in so they must see me be the traffic man you have to be,” “It’s time to say what I will do. Lower speed limits and bring salt, too,” and “Just don’t go! Just don’t go! Black ice will make you cry.”

While Herzog’s singing actually wasn’t so bad, his fellow newscasters couldn’t resist some ribbing. “I’ve got to ask, what’s wrong with you?” Another quotes his Aunt Helen, “There’s something wrong with that boy.”

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