Lost teen devastates family and friends. His recorded message left them sobbing!

To witness a young child’s life cut short is one of the many crushingly painful events in life. To witness YOUR child’s life cut short by such a debilitating disease, that is heartbreak. That is most certainly pain. And such as the case of Ben Breedlove.

The Texan family lives on a quaint piece of land. Just a rock throw from the lake, where Ben spent a good amount of time. Although Ben has a Hypertrophic cardio myopathy, he seems to be fashioned towards extreme sports. Wake boarding being one of his favorites. He’s very smooth on the water. Gliding effortlessly
over the water and slipping the surly bonds of earth and water. His antics while airborne prove he lived life to the fullest.

Hypertrophic cardio myopathy is a heart condition that thickens the heart muscles, resulting in high blood pressure. The common cause of death from this disease is cardiac arrest. You’d think the wakeboarding wouldn’t help, but to experience life in such a way that pushes the limits was just how Ben decided to live his life.

At age four, Breedlove had his first seizure, which terrified his parents. This is when they discovered the hypertrophic cardio myopathy. Finding out at such a young age left Ben to find comfort in the grace of God. He had a few scares, ending up in the hospital on many different occasions. He became very mindful of death and collapsed one day at school. When he awoke, he was overcome with feelings of sadness, for he had had a vision.

A vision of heaven, a feeling of pure peace and joy that extended outwards beyond himself and went on for an eternity. His family remained supportive of him in his endeavors, however the adventurous young man was to meet his end on Christmas Day. His family mourned his loss and at the funeral found out that Ben had left a message for his family on YouTube.

Wow, what a tale. You may notice we don’t have comments, so how about you brighten someone else’s day with the uplifting message Breedlove had to offer?