Tragically Homeless Dog Rescued From A Life Of Living Under Car After 7 Months. Poor Dear!

Being homeless is no joke. It’s a tragic occurrence that people now-a-days, just write off as people being lazy. However, when it comes to being homeless there are a few things that don’t really seem to do that statement justice. Many people who are homeless are suffering some sort of mental disorder or traumatic event that lead them to lose everything. It’s those incremental changes that seem to screw everyone up. However, someone ended up being stuck living on the streets, it’s a life of stress, hunger, and a sense of inferiority in some cases. You rely on the goodness of other people to make sure you can get a meal. Make sure you can feed your dog, or even get medical care if necessary. There are many who try to exploit the idea of a homeless person asking for change and decide to be lazy, trying to do no work, and pretend to be homeless. These people are a new form of scum I can’t even comprehend, but I acknowledge they exist.

However, with all the “advantages,” if you can even call it that, of being human and homeless- you can communicate with people, you can tell them your intentions and so on, the life of a homeless dog must be so much tragically worse. I’m not saying either option is good. Ideally, no one, no species would be homeless. However, while humans can communicate with others their intentions or their needs or wants, dogs have no way to communicate this idea. This fundamentally leads me to the conclusion that being a homeless dog would be very difficult.

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