Tragically Orphaned Rescue Dog Find New Family In Cat And Her Litter Of Kittens. Adorable!

The life of an orphan can put anyone on edge. The things they go through or have gone through are so difficult and incomprehensible to understand. Unless you live the life of an orphan its unfair to have a negative opinion of it. Obviously, it’s not sought after, to be an orphan. No one looks for that life, it just happens. So, when young Bobby became an orphan after his mother was tragically hit by a car, Bobby was left with a hole in his heart. He wasn’t sure how it all happened, but he knew he was alone in the world, without any brothers or sisters, Bobby found himself at the mercy of a cat mother named Gwen, who graciously found it in her heart to take care of the poor dear. Her overwhelming love and care that she had for her own children, must have been so great, since she also had enough love for the young baby Chihuahua.

When we first see, them interact, I know My heart broke a little. It’s so sad what happened to Bobby and what he suffered through. Yet when he was taken in by Gwen and made a part of the family it can really give you hope. All the animals I’ve seen interact with each other, while not always fun or loving, generally care about others. From cats to dogs. If the mother drops responsibility, it seems that cats will take care of some of the roles. That gives me hope for humanity if animals can do it.

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